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Shimano Road SIL-TEC PTFE Brake Cable Set

Die-extruded PTFE coated inner wire leaves a smooth surface for low friction in use - and stainless steel provides smooth shifting and higher corrosion resistance Includes 1.6 mm PTFE inner wires (1 x 1000 mm and 1 x 2050 mm) - and 5 mm outer casing for a complete bike (1 x 800 mm and 1 x 1400 mm) - and all end caps Outer casing is lined with a polymer sheath to assist with the smooth operation of the inner wire.

Shimano Road Sil-Tec Shift Cable Set Shimano Road PTFE Derailleur Cable and Housing Set - Shimano's PTFE cable is super slick for your cycling performance needs. Coated with Teflon, the same stuff that keep eggs from sticking to your frying pan, these stainless steel cables are designed to bring out the best of your STI components. Paired with the coated housing, you'll be shifting smooth and fast.



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