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The best indoor smart trainers

Wahoo Fitness wasn’t the first to introduce a computer-controlled indoor trainer when it debuted the original KICKR at the 2012 Interbike show. At the time, its lofty price tag was deemed highly aspirational by critics, but the way the KICKR automatically adjusted its resistance in response to terrain changes on the compatible TrainerRoad and Kinomap software packages was a dramatic leap forward from what CompuTrainer offered at the time.

It was only when online cycling simulator Zwift came on the scene late in 2014, however, that Wahoo Fitness found itself in prime position as one of the only trainers on the market to be fully compatible with the exciting new virtual-reality environment. Suddenly the idea of a trainer that cost upwards of US$1,000 didn’t seem to insane. Since then, other companies have followed suit with high-end trainers of their own, and despite initial doubts, the segment has exploded.

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Bontrager in the News

Most cyclists have likely never heard of Gunnar Johansson. But the Swedish psychologist, who pioneered the study of biomotion in the early 1970s, deserves a lot of credit for making our beloved (but sometimes hazardous) two-wheeled sport safer. Johansson’s pioneering work decoded how the human brain perceives motion. He discovered that our brains are wired by thousands of years of evolution to identify fellow humans by recognizing certain patterns of movement — including pedaling — even if the entire person is not visible.

Applying that knowledge to cycling has lead to the ability to make us more visible to others — and especially to drivers — by making sure certain parts of our bodies are highlighted with highly visible materials (reflectivity and high visibility colors), which can help drivers see us during the day or at night. helps us explain how to enhance riders visibility with biomotion. lists Bontrager as two of the top ten products of 2017:

InForm BioDyanmic Insoles – “I’d fully recommend you check the inForm insoles out.”
Velocis MIPS Helmet – “It’s become my go-to lid of choice.”
@Velokicks features one-off Evoke Mountain Shoes created by our very own Shoetron 3000. review Bontrager Circuit Shoe:

"The first thing you notice with these shoes is how great they look….I'd conclude that the Circuits are a great option for the money."
Cycling Weekly review Bontrager Velocis MIPS Road Helmet:

“Redesigned with a greater emphasis on aerodynamics, the Bontrager Velocis looks great, and the new venting keeps your head cool and comfortable.”