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Welcome to OneTen Cycles!

At OneTen Cycles located in Mendota Heights, we take immense pride in our legacy of delivering exceptional bikes, top-notch gear, and expert bike servicing since our establishment in 1977. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the highest quality products we offer, whether brand new or gently used, ensuring a premium cycling experience for our valued customers.

In addition to our extensive range of superior products, we provide comprehensive bicycle maintenance services to keep your ride in optimal condition. Explore our full line of top-tier bike accessories, curated to complement and enhance your cycling journey. 

At OneTen Cycles, it's our pleasure to cater to your cycling needs with professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to top-tier service. Join us in exploring the world of cycling with confidence and quality products that elevate your riding experience.

Our Staff of Friendly Professionals

At the heart of our business lies a deep commitment to exceptional customer service – we're here to serve you! Our team comprises dedicated and affable professionals eager to assist you in making well-informed choices when it comes to selecting the right bike. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're ready to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

We warmly invite you to visit our establishment to discover more about our offerings and experience firsthand the attentive service and expertise our team is known for. At our store, it's not just about purchasing bikes; it's about fostering a positive and informed experience that leaves you confident and satisfied with your choices.

Kat - Owner/President

Kat is a passionate advocate for cycling and community building, with a rich background deeply rooted in Minnesota. Having spent over three decades in Duluth before relocating to the Twin Cities, she has a profound connection to the diverse landscapes and outdoor culture of the state. A multifaceted sports enthusiast, Kat's love for soccer, broomball, and outdoor adventures flourished from her early years, evident in her initiative to establish the Outdoor Club at her high school.

Her affinity for cycling, especially gravel riding, traces back to childhood experiences navigating the streets on mountain bikes, fostering a lifelong passion for the sport. With a profound belief in inclusivity and accessibility, Kat champions the idea that everyone, regardless of skill level, should relish the freedom of riding a bike. Her unwavering commitment centers on amplifying opportunities for women and children to embrace cycling, aiming to create an environment where all individuals feel embraced and integral to a thriving community.

If you have any questions feel free to contact her at:

Kameron- Service Manger

Kameron is an avid cyclist who recently relocated to the Twin Cities from sunny California. The roots of his family stretch back to St. Paul, where his grandparents resided before their move to California, creating a nostalgic tie to this vibrant area. With an enduring passion for cycling, Kameron has found solace and joy in road biking, relishing the freedom of exploring new terrains and routes.

His enthusiasm for cycling knows no bounds as he ventures into the realm of gravel cycling, embarking on a new chapter of exploration and challenges on these rugged paths. Kameron's dedication to the sport reflects his adventurous spirit, pushing boundaries and embracing the diverse landscapes that Minnesota has to offer.

Feel free to contact Kameron at:

Tom (former owner)- Sales & Kat's Yoda

Tom, the former owner of OneTen Cycles, alongside his wife, Cindy, played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our establishment. With a lifelong passion for cycling, Tom dedicated years to meticulously curate OneTen Cycles into the esteemed establishment it stands as today. While officially retired, Tom's dedication to our cycling community remains unwavering, as he occasionally drops by to lend a hand and greet our valued family of customers with his trademark warmth.

His wealth of experience and enduring love for cycling continues to resonate within the essence of our establishment, serving as a testament to his enduring legacy. Don't be surprised to catch a glimpse of Tom as he occasionally visits, sharing his expertise and spreading cheer among our cherished patrons.

Walt - Service Technician

Bringing over three decades of invaluable experience from Quality Bicycle Parts, coupled with extensive hands-on expertise in bike mechanics, Walt embodies a wealth of knowledge in the cycling realm. Throughout his career journey, Walt has amassed a treasure trove of insights, witnessing the evolution of the biking industry firsthand. His enduring commitment to excellence is matched only by his contagious enthusiasm, consistently wearing a smile and displaying an unwavering dedication to his craft.

A true enthusiast, Walt not only works diligently but also pedals as vigorously as he works, showcasing his passion for riding. His infectious energy and commitment to both his work and the cycling community make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Chloe - Official OneTen Greeter

Meet Chloe, the undisputed superstar of our team! This Blue Merle Border Collie steals the show with her furry charm and infectious enthusiasm. Chloe’s love knows no bounds – she's head over paws for all cyclists and can't resist a good belly rub, a round of high-fives, and, let's not forget, the tasty allure of treats!

She's not just our employee; she's the paw-some heart and soul of our crew, spreading tail-wagging joy and creating endless smiles. Chloe's playful antics and unwavering affection make her everyone's favorite companion at our spot. Swing by and say hello – Chloe's always up for making new friends and sharing some doggone good vibes!