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Services to Meet Your Needs

At OneTen Cycles, we offer a variety of bike services to keep your bicycle in excellent shape. From minor repairs like flat tire fixes to comprehensive overhauls, our friendly, experienced bike technicians are here to help. Visit us today to discuss your bike repair needs and we’ll provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.

OneTen Service Packages

We service all makes and models of bikes. The best value is to select one of our professionally crafted packages.

Level 1 Service

Recommended every 50 Hours


  • Brake and Shifting adjustments
  • Safety inspection
  • Torque all fasteners
  • Align and adjust brakes
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Chain, housing & derailleur lubrication
  • * Parts not included in package pricing

Level 2 Service

Recommended every 100 Hours


  • Level 1 Service +
  • Detailed drivetrain cleaning & lubrication
  • Frame, fork & wheels cleaned with Trek Bike Wash
  • Free labor for chain, cassette, brake pads & accessory installation*
  • ½ price labor for cable/housing installation**
  • * Parts not included in package pricing

Level 3 Service

Recommended every 200 Hours


  • Level 2 Service +
  • Removal & deep cleaning of most components
  • True wheels & balance spoke tension
  • Headset, bottom bracket & hub overhaul with performance grease
  • Pedal & derailleur pulley overhaul
  • * Parts not included in package pricing

**Free labor offer applies to parts and accessories purchased at OneTen Cycles

Additional Bike Services

We offer many other bike repairs and tune-ups to meet your needs. A la carte services are available, as well as bike wash services, fitness maintenance packages, suspension services, and much  more. Visit or call us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with estimated pricing for your desired service.

Don't want to wait for your repair?  Call or e-mail to schedule your appointment.

Bike Assembly & Packaging Services

Unpack & assemble bike with tune-up - $100

Box bike for shipping - $100

Premium box bike for shipping - $140

Custom build complete bike - $250

Domestic bike shipping via UPS - Current Bike Flight Rates (Call to check)

Bicycle Repair Policy

Repair Agreement: By dropping off your bicycle for repair at OnetTen Cycles, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. Authorization for Repairs: You authorize OneTen Cycles to perform necessary repairs and services on your bicycle as requested or deemed necessary after an initial inspection.

  2. Timely Pickup: It is expected that repaired bicycles will be picked up within two weeks of the completion notification sent to the contact information provided. Notification will be made through the provided contact information when repairs are completed.

  3. Storage Charges: Should the bicycle not be picked up within two weeks of the completion notification, a storage charge of $10 per month will be applied, commencing from the end of the two-week pickup period.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Notification: OneTen Cycles will notify you through the contact information provided when your bicycle is repaired and ready for pickup. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

  2. Storage Charges: Storage charges will accrue starting two weeks after the completion notification date. OneTen Cycles will continue to make reasonable attempts to contact you to arrange pickup during this time.

  3. Abandoned Bicycles: If the bicycle remains unclaimed and storage charges exceed the repair cost, OneTen Cycles reserves the right to claim the bicycle to recoup incurred expenses. Unclaimed bicycles may also be subject to disposal or sale to recover costs as permitted by Minnesota law.

  4. Payment for Repairs: Payment for completed repairs is due upon pickup of the bicycle. Failure to pay for the repairs in a timely manner may result in additional charges as outlined in our payment policy.

  5. Liability: OneTen Cycles is not liable for any damage, theft, or loss of the bicycle once the pickup period has passed. We recommend prompt pickup to ensure the safety and security of your property.

By leaving your bicycle with OneTen Cycles for repair, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

Please ensure that you thoroughly read and understand these terms before leaving your bicycle for repair at OneTen Cycles.