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Why Buy from OneTen Cycles

We believe in bikes and we ride.  A core belief for the staff of OneTen is that cycling adds value to an individual’s life.  We are passionate about helping more people cycle and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Another core belief for OneTen is “doing good work.”  We want our customers to recognize our dedication to providing honest, timely quality service.   We listen to our customers and earnestly try to assist them.  Our professional staff helps customers select the right bike using Trek Precision Fit systems and our Trek Certified Service mechanics offer effective solutions for bike repairs.

OneTen is dedicated to providing 110% in customer service with our sales and service departments.

Our location provides easy parking and easy access to safe test ride routes.

OneTen actively supports the growth of the cycling industry by partnering with clubs, studios, corporations, teams and schools.

Finally, we have committed to the Trek Bicycle Company because they offer quality bikes, accessories and clothing and we believe in offering quality products. We value Trek Bicycles’ focus on manufacturing the “best in class” products across all cycling categories and we appreciate their innovative approach to solving cycling needs.

We appreciate your loyalty to our Independent Bicycle Dealership. 


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