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Classes start January 5th!  Monday nights 6 pm - 7 pm ( w/ yoga/stretching after) Taught by Leah, Matt and Steph - 10 sessions begins 1/8. $225 pkg.

Saturday mornings  7:30 am - 8:30 am (w/ yoga/stretching after) Taught by Janelle and Steph - 10 sessions begins 1/6. $225 pkg.

* classes limited to only 12 riders, road bike w/ trainer tire required.

* FTP will be established on the first class. FTP is the watts you should be able to output for 1 hour at your greatest effort. The workout you do is matched to your ability and size for gains that will make you a stronger rider.  The Kickr Snap adjusts your effort (based on your ftp) to match the output required by our coaches workout design.

* Each price is $25 and available only if trainer is not already committed to pkg rider.

* We will store your bike between sessions if desired.

Reserve your spot by emailing


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