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Trek E Bikes


There are a lot of reasons to ride an e-bike. 

Sometimes you’ll ride for fun, and sometimes you just have to get from A to B. 
Electric bicycles offer unique solutions to the challenges of commuting by bike. 

On- or off-road, they’re perfect for those who want to climb a bit longer, 
adventure a bit farther, or just get there a bit faster. These rides are all about possibility. 
Only e-bikes offer the flexibility to get in a workout, ride with a faster friend, haul a heavy load, or simply cruise.

Even if your ride varies from day to day, an electric bicycle always gives you the option to do and experience more.

Stop in our store to find your reason to ride a Trek E-Bike!

Ride with Friends
An e-bike is the great equalizer. Pedal-assist allows riders of different speeds
to easily ride together, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping up.

Climb any hill
With the gravity-defying capabilities of an e-bike,
hills seem to disappear beneath you.


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