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Trek Stache

Introducing Full Stache: A unique bike ready for the gnarliest trails

A mountain bike unlike anything the world of trail riding has ever seen

As roadies run to the gravel, hikers take up bikepacking, and “adventure” becomes the new driving motivation, more riders are asking for a capable bike with an oversized appetite for rugged backcountry riding. Trek is the first major manufacturer to make a bike in this unique category and it is unquestionably the benchmark.

Full Stache fits a niche in the market that our competitors have yet to fill, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on the excitement and bring more adventure-curious customers into your store.

Full Stache gives your customers the unmatched grip, stability, and momentum of 29+ tires with the control and capability of a 130mm full suspension rig. The confidence inspiring 29x3˝ tires make the bike feel extra stable and offer tons of traction, and their larger diameter makes Full Stache faster-rolling than bikes with 27.5+ or 29˝ tires.

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