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SMART Trainer

Hi! My name is Jessica Kessler, the primary trainer for a few cycle programs Tom and I are running this off season. I have been teaching various group fitness formats for over 20 years and started indoor cycling / spin about 12 years ago.

Four years ago one of my students encouraged me to try road riding. After my first time out on the open road I was HOOKED! I was so hooked I almost had a meltdown when I needed to put my bike away for the season so I added Kurt Kinetic trainer training to my standard workout regime.

Last September I submitted my resignation to Corporate America and opened my own fitness studio, The Studio in Eagan MN. At The Studio I encourage men and women to do things they did not think they would or could do. Guess what... they CAN AND DO!! I started a cycle group out of The Studio and have taken them on many local rides as well as Iowa's infamous RAGBRAI and events out west (in the winter). Many comment that they like riding because they love the feeling of being a "lone wolf" but we need to remember that wolves run in packs. These packs give us confidence, encourage us to work harder, give us support and ultimately, make us stronger riders.

The SMART Trainer series and my Cyclist EDGE program provides you an opportunity to train with a pack of bikers and will ensure you not only maintain your baseline, but also improve performance. Come next spring you will be a better, stronger, faster rider! Gear up my friend!





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