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The Loon State Cyclists P/B One Ten Cycles race team took advantage of unseasonable temperatures and headed down to Lacrosse Wisconsin for their annual team training camp held on April 7-9th.

LSC used the camp to prepare for the 2017 race season. It also gave the team a chance to get to know new teammates and enjoy a weekend dedicated to one thing, riding their bikes. Lacrosse, known for its hills and bluffs provided the perfect conditions for the team to train and push themselves. Knowing that the race season started that very next week, it was crunch time. The guys did not disappoint. Everyone showed up in good form and in high spirits.

They road hard, pushed themselves to the maximum and left feeling confident that they would build on the tremendously successful 2016 season. The 2017 race season kicked off with a flurry of races. Camp ended on Sunday, but the guys had little time to rest as the race season started that very next Tuesday with the first Criterium of the year. Tuesday Night Worlds (TNW) lasts 6 weeks, and is not only the season opener, but the start of the larger Machinery Hill Series held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

Team Sprinter Matt Finnesgard finished 5th overall based on points, and Erik Rogelstad finished as the team's top finisher based on time. The rest of the LSC critsquad also known as the Blue Train worked hard to sharpen their crit fitness. The team got its first taste of victory later that week. Andrew Turner found himself on the top step of the THK circuit race podium.

LSC has won THK for 3 years in a row now. John Heinlein 15’ and Mike Moorhead 16’ won the previous years. As in the past, LSC’s domestiques kept the pace high and kept the team on the attack, setting up breakaways and shutting down any moves that did not fit their interests. The team was on the attack the very next week. Tuesday saw another TNW crit, with an average speed of 28.5 mph, there was not much time for rest and recovery, it was full gas from the start. Again the LSC colors were in the mix.

John Heinlein was the team's top finisher in 3rd. On Saturday, the team of sprinters brought their best road racing game to Cannon Falls for the Ken Woods Memorial Road Race. KW has a monster of climb that suited the skills of our climbers Erik Rogelstad and Andrew Turner. The leadout train did its best to keep the group in check. An early attack saw the peloton splinter and LSC lost a couple of its roulers. That would not phase the team as 4 riders made the selection. On the final climb, Andrew Turner attacked and nearly broke the chasers.

A strong group of 3 made it over the top, with Rogelstad in good position. A strong sprint saw him finish in 3rd. Again for a second week LSC was on the podium. The team is extremely pleased with the early successes, but knows the heart of the road season is just around the bend. The “crit” season is upon us and they expect big things again. With a strong leadout train and talented sprinters, it will be fun to watch. The team is grateful to have the support that they do.

Thank you OneTen Cycles, Trek Bicycles, Stages Power Meters, Rikshaw Films, Nevelex, Valley Concrete and of course their friends and family.


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