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Farley Fat Bikes

While fat bikes are perfect for snow and sand, they are also perfect for hitting your local mountain bike trails. The low pressure in the tires absorbs the impact of rocks and roots to the point that you feel like you can go over any terrain without issue (and you really can!). To make fat bikes even more fun, companies like Rock Shox have recently introduced suspension forks so you can take your fat bike to even more places and over more rugged terrain.

While in Seattle recently, we learned that fat bikes are becoming a popular option for in-city riding. They are very stable on the flats and unexpected potholes are absorbed more easily. So look for fat bikes in a city near you.

 Before you buy your next bike, be sure to at least take a fat bike for a test ride. It is sure to put a smile on your face and, most likely, a new bike in your garage. And for the must-have group, check out the new carbon fiber frames and forks that are now available!


To learn more, check out the fat bikes here Trek


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